Meet The Counselors

Thank you for your interest in scheduling a counseling appointment with ECI SCORE. Once you complete and submit the online Score Mentoring Request form, our Volunteer Coordinator will assign a counselor to you.

You should be contacted in the next 48 hours. If you are not contacted, please call us at (217) 359-1791.

Here is a list of our volunteer counselors, so you can see the kind of expertise that is available to help you.

Ted Ostrem

Ted was a swimming coach and High School Aquatics Director in the far western Chicago suburbs, early in life, and then went into business for himself on the side in his early twenties. He left teaching to expand his marketing business when he was 25 and developed it into the top quarter of 1% of businesses in its industry.

Mary Emmons

Currently, Mary is the project manager behind Mary Emmons Solutions. Her business provides options for the organization and documentation of your estate to assure your objectives and wishes are accomplished. In addition, the coordinator assists estate executor providing practical support in managing the burdensome paperwork and chores involved in closing an estate.